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Go! Make Disciples of All Nations Top News

5 Ways to Pray for the Muslim World 

  God is displaying His power like never before in this dark region.....
Illinois couple defiant despite $80G fine for refusing gay union at B&B 

  “We may be out of step with an increasingly anti-Christian culture, but we are in compliance with God’s design..."
Conversation with God 09 17 2015 


Operate gifts Activate anointing Embrace glory (3)

Conversation with God 09 10 2015 


Operate gifts Activate anointing Embrace glory (2)

Conversation with God 08 26 2015 

  Operate gifts~ Activate anointing~ Embrace Glory (1)

Conversation with God 08 25 2015 

  In the midst of undeserving adversities, one is often blessed with unmerited grace


Conversation with God 08 23 2015 

  Why would the Omniscient God test man?

A Dream from God 08 02 2015 

  A dream that firmly established vision
Kingdom Royal Children Please Listen 

  we should never forget our God given identity of prince or princess, and...

My God Is A Healer 

  God's instant healing through internet screen...It's Supernatural!

A vivid memorable dream 

  God is comforting and encouraging followers: "God is leading you in a path like...

Dream of warning interpreted. May the Lord deliver us from evil! 

  God is warning that an earthquake and tsunami will attack...
NBA Star Jeremy Lin Eager to Walk Out His Christian Faith in Los Angeles 

  Lin said he had never been to skid row before. He was "keeping his eyes open" for new directions for his Christian-based charity, the Jeremy Lin Foundation...
Jeremy Lin

Tired of Islam, Iranians Ask ' Who Is This Jesus?' 

  "We are seeing a huge, huge number of Iranians who are reaching out.... and find out more about Jesus,"

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